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Your business needs an online presence to boost exposure, audience, and revenue. You care about your customers - and getting a website right is important. You need a website that tells your story, looks fantastic, and resonates with your customers. Precise Designs LLC will work to create a stylish, functional website that will serve as a high-value referral and sales asset. We'll also make sure that your business can be found easily through common search engines like Google, Facebook, and Yahoo.

All About Us

Precise Designs LLC is a Digital Agency with 10+ years of experience in building brands and boosting business. With a MBA, an Associates in Software Development, and Certification in Web and Graphic Design. We’ve worked with clients both big and small to create an online presence and most importantly, get results. Our top priority is always your bottom line. When you succeed, we succeed.

Your website has to look great and have top-notch performance, but it also has to be easy to maintain. That's why we will build your site on Wix. When it's time for you to work with your new website, you won't require any heavy lifting from us. We'll transition everything over to you and get you up to speed on how to manage your new site. And Precise Designs is here to make that happen. We will focus on:

  • Creating a brand strategy that works both online and offline

  • Crafting a communication strategy that is right for your business

  • Building a stunning website that is easy to use

  • Establishing your website as a portal for resources, information, and referrals

  • Driving traffic through search engines like Google

  • Establishing a direct channel of communication with customers (CRM)





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